About Us

Three Wise Bees is a full service sales, PR, marketing and communications consultancy based in Sydney, Australia.


We put your brand's best interest first. We strive to help you find your creative voice through a variety of services in order to produce measurable end-results.


As strategists, we are a culture of thinkers and doers with a successful history of significantly improving our clients' sales performance and brand awareness, while increasing their share of voice where it matters. 

    Services We Offer

    Services You Can Count On

    Social Media & Online Reputation Management

    Grow & Maintain Online Community, Produce Engaging Posts, Run Campaigns & Encourage Interaction

    Familiarisation & Training

    Manage Famils, Develop & Conduct Training Courses


    Identify Opportunities, Develop Campaigns, Design Collateral & Manage Brand's Journey

    Content Production

    Newsletters, Advertorials, Brochures, eDMs, Training Program, Blogs

    Profiling & Pitching

    Implement Positioning Exercises for Brand & Spokespeople

    Roadshows & Experiential Events

    Develop and Manage Roadshows & Trade / Media Functions 


      Strategy Planning & Implementation

      Produce End-to-End Solution Based on Brand's Requirements and Market's Interests

      PR & Communications 

      Identify News Angles, Conduct Research, Produce Stories & Disseminate

      Sales & Product Representation

      Structured Sales Calls, Design Incentive Programs, Roadshows & Presentations

      Issues & Crisis Management

      Manage Sensitive and/or Potential Problems Impacting Brand's Reputation


      Collate Clippings and Produce Regular Reports for Sales and PR activities

      General Sales, PR & Marketing Consultation
      Provide Case Study Analysis and

      Strategy Report

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        +61 404 163 131


        ©2007-2019 Three Wise Bees

        Move Forward with Three Wise Bees

        Expert Strategists Who Deliver

         We listen and ensure we understand your brand's unique requirements before developing suitable and tailored solutions that will help your business  

        'Be SEEN', 'Be HEARD' 'Be THE BUZZ' 

        In other words, we will help you to:

        • Develop, enhance and maintain your brand visibility.

        • Create and retain strong interest among your target markets.

        • Encourage ongoing audience engagement and interaction at every level.

        We are committed to delivering end-to-end solutions to your sales, marketing and communications needs. To do that effectively, we will work closely with you and your team to identify the requirements that will help your brand

        'Be SEEN', 'Be HEARD' 'Be THE BUZZ'

        where it really counts.

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